Motivational Monday

A few great quotes I found today that helped get me through the day! 


Let Go Already 

Why is it so hard to let go? Human nature, scared of the unknown, fear of loneliness or comfort zone. I don’t understand why letting go is hard and I have no answer to tell you! 

Relationships, jobs, friends, or even family are things we have to let go of due to the issues that bring us harm emotionally and mentally. I have walked away from all of these at one point in my life. At first, I was scared of the unknown and change, but after time passed I realized that I felt liberated! Not only was I moving forward but I was excelling beyond measures I didn’t know were possible. 

I had no more hurt in my heart! I felt love for myself! MYSELF! It was amazing all that time I was missing me! The hurt and drama that dragged me down mentally and emotionally no longer affected me. No more control over me and belittling me. From myself or others. 

If you are questioning to let go of anything, I would say just let go. Not slowly… it off like a bandaide!  The faster the better. You will feel the sting for a minute but than you will see the focus of love. Love is a life changer. 

If anything is not serving you to better yourself and your life move on! You deserve better and don’t make excuses! Get motivated!

Thanks everyone! 


Not You? Than Who? 

The definition of self-assurance is, “Confidence in one’s abilities or character.” Woooo! I have confidence in my abilities and my character. Right? I hope many do but simply put…We don’t! How many times have you told yourself, You can’t! There are too many NOTS in our own thinking! We are NOT productive as we like or think we should be. We are NOT as educated as we should be. We are NOT as healthy and fit as we should be. We are NOT as motivated as we should be. We are NOT living our life as our neighbors. We are NOT the perfect partner. We are NOT the perfect parent. Should I go on?

The problem is the consistency we have talking to ourselves. It seems to be a constant NOT when it should be a constant YES! We talk ourselves out of something before we even try or put forth the effort. Our creativity levels drop and then we have no motivation left. We describe ourselves as NOT good enough in different ways daily!

If we can’t give ourselves a chance how can we expect others to give us the same chance? Now if we don’t have a medical degree we can’t be a doctor until we get that degree. There is some instances that we can’t do till we reach a certain level. That is understood and a given. However, it’s not out of reach. If you want it than take it! Work for it! Dream it! Done!  “YOUR EXPERIENCE DOESN’T DEFINE YOU AS MUCH AS YOUR MIND DOES,” (A.BAZZETT).

It is a powerful quote if you think about it. Your life, work,or educational experience has no control over you, like the power of your own mind. This world is made up of failing over and over again till the right answer comes. We hear it all the time but can’t accept failure as part of our own progress.  The only magic power you have is your mind. Create your life with self-assurance, confidence, and perseverance. You can do it! It is done all the time!

Stop rating yourself on someone else’s success. You have your ability to be successful in your own way. Rather it’s being the perfect stay-at-home parent or the perfect CEO of your own company. You have the self-assurance you need. Just believe in yourself and others will to! Don’t forget to remind yourself today: YOU ARE AWESOME! YOU ARE INTELLIGENT! YOU HAVE ALL THE SKILLS NECESSARY TO COMPLETE THE DAILY TASKS! YOU ARE YOU AND BE GOOD AT IT!





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10 Ways to Improve Your Mood and Smile More 

Face it the daily challenges or our routine life comes with unexpected emotions. We may find ourselves in a good mood that is being challenged.  Controlling your emotions while not letting anyone steal your happiness is a task we all work on daily. We get to pick and choose our moods. Why not choose to smile? I know it can be difficult to shake or a circumstance seems hopeless. Here is a list of 10 ideas to get smiling and change your mood. I hope this helps or gets your creativity flowing so you can smile more! 😊

1.) Practice smiling 10 times. Not only does it make you feel silly and laugh,but it literally is making you smile.

2.) Give yourself compliments. Yes! Practice that self love! A nice pat on the back for finishing a stressful project or wearing a great outfit.

3.) Say Thank you! Give gratitude for the things you have! Make a list of 5 things you are grateful for and why!

4.) Get some sun! Go for a walk if you can.  Walk over to the window or go outside for a moment to appreciate the light.

5.) Do something nice for someone else. Give our free nice compliments or send a random thank you via mail fax email or text.

6.) Buy fresh flowers or if you are able go pick some fresh flowers!

7.) Focus your attention or energy about something positive that happened throughout the day.

8.) Watch the sunrise or the sunset. Enjoy the beautiful colors we are blessed with.

9.) Go enjoy a place or activity that makes you happy.

10.) Meditate or breathing exercises to help clear your mind of clutter.



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